Many companies are not ready for a complete digital transformation but appreciate the need to digitalise and are keen to start the process. However, some might not know where to begin.

Digital Manufacturing on a Shoestring has devised an affordable, easy-to-implement approach that helps companies try out small-scale digital solutions that will not disrupt core operations but can provide immediate benefits.

Shoestring offers an alternative approach that shows how it is possible for small-to-medium sized companies with small budgets to capitalise on advances in technology and implement low-risk digital solutions. By engaging staff in an on-site pilot, companies can see first-hand how digitalisation can benefit their business, giving them the confidence and knowledge to further digitalise their processes.

By taking existing and readily available digital technologies that can be implemented on a low-cost basis, Shoestring provides solutions that can address a company’s specific business needs step-by-step, delivering value and helping to support growth and productivity.