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Easy digitalisation

Shoestring offers a step-by-step approach to digitalisation using off-the-shelf technology to create low-cost, low-risk digital solutions.

These small-scale solutions are designed to provide companies with immediate benefits without disrupting core operations. And they help build confidence and knowledge in digitalisation so employees are ready to embrace further change. Get started today with the starter solution package.

Shoestring has been deployed in over 70 companies. Read the industry case studies and discover how Shoestring helps companies improve productivity, reduce waste and energy usage, and in addition give staff digital skills and confidence to do more.

Shaped by industry

Engineering Director, Carl Dean, explains the benefits of getting involved with Shoestring, how the low-cost solutions help smaller manufacturers get “a flavour” of what is possible in a market where many digital solutions are costly. “If we can help by being involved with Shoestring and these processes can be rolled out to other businesses across the country, it means that a lot of people can actually win out of this project.”

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The LoDiSA23 papers are published - find the 27 papers from Shoestring's first academic workshop, held at @IfMCambridge in Sept 👇

IET Digital Library: Low-Cost Digital Solutions for Industrial Automation (LoDiSA 2023)

The @dmshoestring and @IfMCambridge team enjoyed an interesting visit to #Egypt last month, as part of the new @EBRD funded scoping study. They deployed #digital solution demonstrators in 2 companies and met the Egyptian #manufacturing community

Great to see how PIL Membranes benefits from @dmshoestring in the CEO's presentation at LoDISA23 @IfMCambridge
📢Makes manufacturing 4.0 affordable
➡️Combines w cloudbase industrial services
📢Brings a new generation of #Engineers
🙌Allows PIL Membranes to realise its Vision

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