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A low risk, low-cost approach to digital solutions

Shoestring offers a step-by-step approach to digitalisation that uses off-the-shelf technology to create practical low-cost, low-risk digital solutions. This helps companies try out small-scale digital solutions that will not disrupt core operations but can provide immediate tangible benefits. And it helps shift mindsets so employees are ready and open to embrace further change.

Shaped by industry

Carl Dean, Engineering Director at PCML Group, explains the benefits of being involved in Shoestring, how Shoestring’s low-cost solutions are important to help smaller manufacturers get “a flavour” of what is possible in a market where many digital solutions are costly. “If we can help by being involved with Shoestring and these processes can be rolled out to other businesses across the country, it means that a lot of people can actually win out of this project.”

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