Scrap monitoring

Scrap monitoring helps companies reduce waste with real-time visibility of the reasons why parts or products are scrapped.

Shoestring’s scrap monitoring starter solution package** gives companies an easy way to get started, see how digitalisation benefits their business, building in-house digital skills along the way. The starter solution is designed to provide a practical learning experience. Each starter solution package:

  • Can be built and deployed by non-technical staff
  • Is supported with a technical training and support programme, instructions, an online forum for problem solving
  • Facilitates peer-to-peer support as well as access to experts
  • Provides a detailed shopping list of the low-cost electronic components (all available online from major resellers)
  • Includes the software required to connect the components and deliver easy-to-understand dashboards.

** We are currently offering a special early adopter offer on a first come first served basis – £400 for a starter solution package (reduced from £800 full price).

How the solution works

Operators update the status of scrap via an app loaded on a tablet, computer or phone. Staff can then see the status in real-time on a dashboard, download the data and analyse trends. 

Solves questions such as:

  • How much scrap is produced?
  • Which parts/products or operations have higher scrap rates?
  • What are the most frequent reasons for scrap across production
  • Is our scrap control improving?

Potential benefits:

  • Produce more good parts
  • Quickly identify and address problems
  • Improve stock planning accuracy

Is simple to setup and use:

  • Operators use an app on a tablet, phone or computer to update the scrap status
  • They define the work they are doing and whether they are handling a single or batch of parts
  • They input the part number, whether it passes, needs rework, or is it scrap  
  • They are prompted to justify their choices
  • The dashboards show scrap and rework by operation and part/product

Starter solution package

Special early adopter* rate of £400 (reduced from full cost of £800).

As an Early Adopter* you will get the starter solution package including:

  • Bill of Materials – shopping list of all the low-cost components you need to buy (costing you under £200).
  • The starter solution’s software download.
  • Full instructions on how to build and deploy the starter solution.
  • Access to the online forum for support with problem solving.
  • Places on the technical support programme led by the Shoestring engineer, with a cohort of 3-5 businesses, which includes: 
    • Specification and planning workshop (run online, c. 1.5 hours).
    • Access to a series of online check-in sessions (each usually lasts 10-30mins).
    • The Impact and review workshop (run online, c. 1.5 hours).

*Shoestring early adopters work in collaboration with Shoestring. They are among the first to trial the Shoestring starter solution package, receive direct support from the Shoestring technical team, and help Shoestring improve and develop the starter solution offering. 

Tried and tested

Shoestring solutions have been deployed in over 70 companies, helping them to improve productivity, reduce waste and energy usage, and also to give their staff the digital skills and confidence they need to introduce more digitalisation throughout the business. Read or watch some of the industry case studies >

Try another solution

Our range of Shoestring starter solutions is growing, currently you can also deploy:

  • Power monitoring (up to 50A): ideal for equipment monitoring as well as reducing energy waste. 
  • Job location tracking: to give visibility of where all jobs are at any time.
  • Downtime monitoring: to highlight machinery utilisation, which machines or operations have the most downtime, and the frequent reasons for downtime across production.

Or you can take out annual membership and access instructions and guides to all the solutions as well as join up to 3 training programmes.

Get started today

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Drawing on the range of tried and tested solutions built and deployed in over 50 companies, Shoestring will release more starter solutions over the coming months, including machine downtime monitoring and temperature monitoring. Register your interest to be one of the first to know.