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Take out an annual membership with Shoestring, for only £100 a month, so that your company and employees can accelerate your digital transformation  using low-cost technologies to get started quickly and easily.

Why become a member? 

Company benefits:

  • Gives confidence and digital skills to non-technical staff
  • Builds awareness of how digitalisation can improve your business
  • Opens up peer-to-peer networks and facilitates technical support from experts
  • Enables self-deployment of low-cost digital starter solutions 
  • Low-cost at only £100 a month, £1200 a year

Enjoy access for one year to:

  • Online resources for all available starter solutions
  • Online support forum for problem solving
  • Peer-to-peer network all focused on similar issues 
  • Expert training available for up to three starter solution support programmes with direct support from a Shoestring Engineer

“Shoestring allows PIL Membranes to realise its vision. It makes Manufacturing 4.0 affordable to smaller companies (SMEs). The annual membership is great value, it provides so much more than low-cost solutions, from building awareness of what is possible to giving access to experts and a peer-to-peer network.”

Jerome Faissat | Managing Director, PIL Membranes Ltd

Starter Solutions

The starter solutions are designed to provide a practical learning experience. Companies choose a solution that addresses one of their most pressing business needs, keeping employees engaged and invested in the activity. We currently offer training around six starter solutions, these include Temperature monitoring and Air quality monitoring as well as the the four featured below, Power monitoring, Job location tracking and Scrap monitoring. More solutions are in development and coming soon.

Power Monitoring (up to 50A)

Collect and visualise power usage from your machinery
  • Reduces energy usage and bills
  • Contributes to sustainability goals
  • Enables more accurate reporting on the carbon footprint of parts / products

Over 30 power monitoring solutions (up to 50A) have been deployed in companies across the UK. Read the PIL Membranes case study.

Job Location Tracking

Keeping track of jobs as they pass through your factory
  • Quickly identify and address misplaced or delayed jobs
  • Spend less time finding jobs
  • Provide customers with instant updates on job progress

Read the Buchanan Orthotics case study and find out how job location tracking “saves time and improves customer relations” also helped the company get ready to install a new ERP.

Scrap Monitoring

Record failed parts and the analyse the reasons behind them
  • Quickly identify and address problems
  • Produce more good parts
  • Improve stock planning accuracy

Companies cited scrap monitoring as a top business need, to help them meet sustainability goals and reduce costs. This solution helps them identify where, and the reasons why, parts are scrapped during the production process.

Downtime Monitoring

Keeping track of machinery utilisation
  • Easily report on machinery downtime
  • Keep track of the reasons behind downtime
  • Improve machinery utilisation


What does annual membership include?


Members have access for one year to:

  • The online resources for all available starter solutions, which includes:
    • Bill of materials – a shopping list of all the low cost components you need to buy (costing you under £200 for each starter solution).
    • Access to each starter solution’s software download.
    • Full instructions on how to build and deploy each starter solution.
  • The online forum for expert technical support with problem solving.
  • Up to three starter solution training programmes, with direct support from the Shoestring Engineer, with a cohort of 3-5 businesses. Each programme includes:
    • Specification and planning workshop.
    • Access to a series of weekly online check-in sessions (usually 15-30 mins).
    • The impact and review workshop.

Membership is annual at  £100 a month (£1200 p.a.). Members joining today will be Shoestring early adopters and will work in collaboration with Shoestring. They are among the first to trial the Shoestring starter solution package, receive direct support from the Shoestring technical team, and help Shoestring improve and develop the starter solution offering. 

Tried and tested

Shoestring solutions have been deployed in over 70 companies, helping them to improve productivity, reduce waste and energy usage, and also to give their staff the digital skills and confidence they need to introduce more digitalisation throughout the business. Read or watch some of the industry case studies >

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