Digital skills

Shoestring is designed to encourage people to use and develop their technical digital skills in manufacturing.  

The Shoestring programme provides a very ‘hands on’ approach for a company’s employees to engage in digitalisation. A set of Shoestring training courses are under development and practical skills are developed through hackathons and direct development of Shoestring solutions.

Will Bridgman, Chairman of Warren Services, which manufactures precision components and mechanical and electrical sub-assemblies, is excited by the potential of Shoestring:

Shoestring’s potential as a project-based learning tool has also been recognised by education providers in Scotland and Northern Ireland who are looking at how they can incorporate Shoestring in their teaching material. The programme is also ideal for use with apprenticeship schemes. 

Roddy Scott, Sector Manager for ESP Scotland, which works to build capacity to deliver skills for the energy, engineering and construction sectors by collaborating with Scotland’s colleges and industry partners, explains the value of the project to the education sector:

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