David Smith job tracking

Construction manufacturer sees immediate benefit from Shoestring pilot

This new job tracking pilot at David Smith, a construction manufacturer in St Ives, is already bringing benefits to the company’s production process.

It was exciting to visit the construction manufacturer, David Smith, last month and see the Shoestring job tracking solution in action. Pleased with the results they are seeing from this pilot, they now plan to add another solution, Digital job cards, and reap even more rewards as they gradually digitalise their peripheral processes.

Simon Wadsworth, Director at David Smith, commented that they see lots of potential benefits from Shoestring and are already enjoying the immediate benefit of having much more visibility of what is happening on the shop floor at any one time. Wadsworth explains how:

It allowed us to get a feel for job tracking and barcode scanning, with very little outlay and minimal input from us, to make the thing actually happen, and see some tangible results very quickly. It made it very easy for us to take the first steps and it has taught us a lot about what we need to do to make a system like that work. It was a very simple way for us to get started on a project at very little cost.

Having taken some valuable lessons from the Shoestring pilot, Simon Wadsworth advises:

Don’t do too much too quickly, don’t try and do everything at once… start small, start simply. It also showed the holes we have got in our system where we didn’t have the correct information at the right places… But we are now updating our systems … because we can see how they need to work, it has taught us to improve our systems so we can then use the tracking system more effectively.

Hear from Simon Wadsworth, Director, how David Smith implemented the job tracking solution.

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