Specification workshop


Finding the opportunity to reflect on your company’s needs can be difficult. Shoestring offers an easy way to gather together senior managers to discuss their thoughts and views on the company’s business priorities.  

By using an online Shoestring specification workshop, guided by a Shoestring researcher, companies work through the challenges they face which are then matched to Shoestring digital solution areas.  

A series of evaluation exercises enables participants to rank their top three challenges, so that they can prioritise which one will be easiest to implement. In the second part of the workshop, a more detailed analysis provides a full specification for the chosen solution area, which in turn will deliver a Bill of Materials listing all the off-the-shelf technology required as well as a specification for the software output.  

Small-to-medium sized manufacturers who have conducted the in-company specification workshop have found the process invaluable in itself: 

“To be given a safe space (for employees) to have these kinds of conversations, share thoughts, ideas and crucially, align themselves and end up facing in the same direction is hugely powerful, the value of which is not to be underestimated.”

Alex Campbell, Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service.

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