Digital workshop for construction companies

This interactive online workshop on 3 March will help construction companies find an easy way to start digitalising their processes

If you work in the construction industry, and want to find a simple way to start introducing digital processes in your company, join this workshop, 3 March 2022 13:30-15:00, organised by the Digital Construction on a Shoestring programme.

Affiliated to Digital Manufacturing on a Shoestring, the programme’s team has worked with construction companies to adapt the Shoestring approach used by manufacturers – identifying digital solutions which meet the specific needs of the construction sector.

The workshop will not only present practical industry examples but also help identify the top business challenges that your construction peers face both on-site and off-site, and in manufacturing. This ranges from how you can digitise work instructions and assembly procedures, to automating quality inspection and job state tracking.

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Part 1: Digital Solutions on a budget

In the introduction you will hear some examples of how low-cost, off-the-shelf technologies can be combined to deliver practical digital solutions to specific and real operational business challenges. Developed by researchers at the University of Cambridge, each tried and tested solution provides you with knowledge of, and inspiration for how your business could implement digital technologies that improve efficiencies. This will include a showcase of industry pilots, like the job tracking pilot implemented by David Smith for under £200 shown in this video.

Part 2: Understand your company's priorities

The interactive requirements workshop will help you to reflect on your own business priorities, identify potential digital solutions which will address these priorities and outline a digital solution for your individual business needs.

Q&A with digital experts – Get your questions answered by experts who are implementing low-cost digital solutions in small and medium-sized construction companies.

Trial a digital solution on site that addresses your key business need – Companies taking part in this workshop have the opportunity to develop their own pilot solution with support from our research team.


Part 1: Digital solutions on a low budget

13:30 – Welcome

13:35 – Keynote: Overview of Digital Construction on a Shoestring project

13:40 – Digital priorities of Construction SMEs (Construction suppliers/off-site and on-site construction companies)

13:50 – Shoestring digital solution development approach (with a pilot development example)

14:00 – digital solutions for the construction industry case studies

Part 2: Understand your company’s priorities

14:15 – Digital needs assessment workshop

14:45 – Results from the workshop

14:55 – Q&A and wrap up

Learning outcomes

  • Reflect on your own business priorities
  • Identify potential low-cost, low-risk digital solutions to help address these priorities
  • Outline a priority digital solution for your individual business

Who should attend?

The workshops are aimed at senior managers, operations leaders and those who are keen to explore the possibilities for low-cost digital solutions in their business, including Managing Directors, Manufacturing Directors and/or Operations Managers from SMEs involved in construction and manufacturers supplying the construction sector

The Shoestring process made it very easy for us to take the first steps and it has taught us a lot about what we need to do to make a [digital] system like that work as well. So it was a very simple way for us to get started on a project at very little cost.

Simon Wadsworth, Operations Director, David Smith

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About the Centre for Digital Built Britain

The workshops form part of the Centre for Digital Built Britain’s (CDBB) work a the University of Cambridge  within the Construction Innovation Hub (CIH) which brings together world-class expertise from the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC), BRE and CDBB to transform the  UK construction sector. The Construction Innovation Hub is funded by UK Research and Innovation through the Industrial Strategy Fund.